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MG Home Care - ABA Therapy in Cutler Bay

Here at MG Home Care, our staff is dedicated to improving socially significant behaviors, such as reading, communication skills, social skills, independent functioning skills, daily living skills, adaptive living skills, and many other skills essential to achieving and maintaining a high quality of life.

Hundreds of academic studies have been done and they have all resulted in the outcome that ABA is the most effective way to teach individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as individuals with other developmental disabilities; such as ADHD. ABA therapy has also been endorsed by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Association for Science in Autism Treatment. as well as being noted by the Surgeon General as the most effective strategy to treat ASD and other developmental disabilities.

Why choose Center-Based services for your child?

Center-Based Services are one-to-one applied behavior analysis (ABA) sessions that take place at an MG ABA Therapy Center rather than in the home environment. Registered Behavior Technicians work one-to-one with patients under the supervision of experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

What are the benefits of Center-Based services?

  • When appropriate, patients are matched by age and level of functioning for socialization opportunities and peer play dates.
  • Centers offer a perfect setting for generalization, allowing patients to use acquired skills in a new way, at a new place.
  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts are at the centers, supervising and mentoring to maximize progress.
  • Patients have opportunities to engage with new toys and materials.
  • With focused parent/caregiver training hours, parents/caregivers have more time to work, attend meetings, or run errands, knowing their child is safe, engaged, and making progress at the center.

ABA Therapy Center in 33032, ABA Therapy Center in 33190, ABA Therapy Center in 33189, ABA Therapy Center in 33157, ABA Therapy Center in 33177
Behavior Center in 33032, Behavior Center in 33190, Behavior Center in 33189, Behavior Center in 33157, Behavior Center in 33177
Autism Center in 33032, Autism Center in 33190, Autism Center in 33189, Autism Center in 33157, Autism Center in 33177


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